Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 7

Be The Expert of Your Natural Hair Sharron Dugger CEO of Just Oil Hair & Body Solutions This Natural hair movement has created experts, novices, and everything in between on how to care for and style natural hair. As more women embark on that journey, they seek out ex- perts to learn how to properly care for their natural hair. My journey has caused me too to become an expert…about my own hair. So instead of seeking experts, be- come one, of your own natural hair. You may have heard terms such as porosity, density, 4b/c hair along with a host of techniques. But no two hair textures are exactly alike. What works for one person’s style, products, or methods may not work for another. All is not lost when caring for your hair. There are three basic things you need to know: 1. Hydration 2. Moisture 3. How much does your hair need? Hydration - Hair needs water. Our bodies are made up of 70% water so naturally some of that water is in our hair. Have you ever had frizz? Frizz is your hair absorb- ing hydration from the atmosphere. Hydration keeps hair from drying and breaking. Hair is soft when wet. But when it dries it’s hard. That’s because the water has not been locked in so when it dries, it goes right back to being dry and brittle. Moistur- izing seals in the water thus giving you that softness, manageability, and reducing evaporation. Moisture –Hair needs oil/fatty acids. Our bodies naturally produce oil to moistur- ize our hair and skin. This oil gives hair its shine, prevents drying, and protects against external substances. It’s called sebum, composed primarily of fatty acids. When sebum is in excess, hair can appear oily. Often the problem we face is amongst our activities, products we use, and the environment, our hair gets stripped of these natural oils. So we have to replenish it. I believe most if not all African/ Af- rican-American hair has a curl pattern that is soft by nature. Course hair does not equal hard hair. Our hair has been conditioned to be that way through the products we use. How much of each does your hair need? As you study your hair, you will begin to know what it needs. Hair that has been straightened absorbs oil better. Hair in it’s natural state needs oil and water in the form of a lotion. Once you understand these three concepts, you too can become an expert of your Natural hair. When hair is properly hydrated a nd moisturized, it’s naturally soft, shiny, and curly. 7 www.justoilhair.com