Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 18

This year I ask you to change your perspective of your New Year’s resolution. I plead with you to enjoy every moment you have. Our tomorrows are not promised, our time here on earth is known only to Him. Why continue to make resolutions for things you hope to change in a year, to feel like a failure when you fall short and continue to internalize everyone else’s idea of what enough is? What is enough for you? Is it enough to criticize your- self daily for falling short? Is it enough to constantly believe you are never good enough? Is it enough to change your perspective and understand He love [H\\[H\H[[H[\ݙKBY[[H[[HYYXZH[[\[H\[XYBۙK[[H[H[\\X]H[Y[XXH\›ݙH[YH[H\H^XH[H\H\YH܈B\[[YOXHHZY\[[YKH[[[ܛB[H[\[YK\[YH[܈\Y\\^B]YH[\[Z\\ˈ]\YH[H[\[\ݙH܈\HX[^HH\Y\[[[H\\[ݙ\Z\[ H[H\܈\\ݚYY\]H\و\ܛ ]\HH[\ۂ][H[\ˈH]Z]\]\][[ݚ[\\˂\]YX\[[\\X]Hۈ\][ۜB[Y \YX\۸&][[\[X][[\Z[\\[\]\[]HZ\H[ܞH܈[و[H]BXYHY[\\^H[Y[\\[܈H^Y B[\K[[HYYZH][H\[KH[ݚYHBۛYKH\\K[HX[]HXZH]Y[؜KBHH[[\YH\H]HZ] \YX\][\\][ۜ]H[H^K[[XXH]\H[ZH]\[\\ HYZYوZ[\ YKX\ݙK\[\ˈ\H\H[[H]H[XYYܙK[Y[KB\[H LN8'^H\H^HHܙ\XYH[H[ZXH[]8'HH[ZXH[HݙH[N