Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 17

New Year, New Perspective Cont. Our failures are what bring our success. People hear the word failure and instantly begin thinking negatively. We have to learn to embrace us along with all our faults. A new year’s resolution shouldn’t constantly remind you of how bad you are at something. That is exactly what happens every year we make a resolution. Most of the resolutions I have ever made are forgotten within the first two months of the new year, or I fail horribly by the middle of January and give up feeling more of a loser than I did before I made this amazing resolution to be a better me. In my challenge to you I asked you to change your perspective. What I am asking you is to allow yourself to be human, to make mistakes, to have short comings, to fall, to stand, to fight and retreat. I am asking you to accept yourself and love who you are. Your past may have been traumatic, horrible, beautiful, peaceful, filled with love or hate. No matter what your past is built on you choose how to build your future. Instead of making a resolution for a year, make one for each day. Allow your resolutions to fall to the waste side and learn to enjoy this day, remembering with each sun rise you get to see that you have another chance to live the day to its fullest and praise God for giving you one more day. We are given one more day to see our loved ones, to offer friendship and love to someone who has no idea what it is like to feel the love of God. You are given another chance to be the blessing He called you to be. We get so caught up in what man thinks of us we forget we were fearfully and wonderfully made. We forget we are here for a purpose be- yond how much we weigh, how much money we make, and any other materialist ideas. We forget He made us for this very mo- ment, this very time in our lives and He will improve us through His love. 17