Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 15

New Year, New Perspective Denise Burns A new year often begins with resolutions and ideas of all the things we need to change or improve. We usually do some type of soul searching and find things about ourselves we are unhappy with often forgetting our life is a journey. We forget how every ob- stacle molds and guides us to our next adventure on our journey. We take time to focus on all the things we need to be better at, not realizing how our resolutions remind us constantly of how we fail everyday. Resolutions are supposed to help us be better, to be all the things we were not the previous year. How do you know you weren’t enough? How do you set your guidelines on what enough really is? With this New Year I challenge you to change your perspec- tive. I challenge you to stop looking at all your short comings, all your failures and disappointments. I challenge you to look to God for understanding and compassion, not for other people, but for yourself. Yes for you. We are so hard on ourselves leaving no room for positivity to grow along with self acceptance. We are so often looking for others to accept and to appreciate us that we for- get how important self love and acceptance is. Making a resolution to be better is the same as signing your own death certificate. You are telling yourself what a failure you have been. Please stop this craziness. The Bible tells us “we all fall short” in Romans 3:23. We will never meet our own expecta- tions if we first do not understand we are destined to fall. Failure allows us to learn and grow, to change and improve. We must first learn our short comings; our failures are what keep us humble and moving forward. 15