Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 14

Although Khalilah Olokunola, of Brooklyn, New York, is college educated she was not born with a silver spoon she worked for it. Despite growing up in an upper middle class home, life happened and she lost her name in lieu of a number, but she remained adamant on education and spent many days and nights dreaming about the American Dream she saw on TV or read about in books. This dream wasn't about picket fences but making I TPB^H[[Z\\[HX\YY[]\ۙ\[[[H\˜[HX[Y[\\و][ܑKH\ۘ[ ٙ\[ۘ[][Y[\K]ܚ]Y[Z]\Yܙ[^][ۜ[]\H\ ]\X[\˂H[ܙH[ LYX\و^\Y[H[\[\][Y[ ][ ]BX[ۋ]X[]]]H ]X[]]]HY]܈[]YX[ ܙ[^][ۘ[][ BY[ []YH YX]Hܛ H\Hݙ[XXܙ[ۛX[˜[Z\\H[HۛX[[H^H\KH\[[Y[[ Y\XX\][[\ZYۜۛX[ܝ[H L \[Y\ [\B\][\\Z]H^X]]\ˈ[[Z\ۛۈ܈Yۚ][\\H][HܙH][^H[H\H ][H\H[Y\[XZ[[BY[Y[ܚ \\[ܙH^\Y[\][[HH[]YX[܈X[H[ݙH]وZ\YܝۙKH\H]]܈وH]H ]B\[ۋ[\X]Hܚ؛ \[و[[[ۘ[\ۜوXY\\܂Y[\\HXY XXܚ؛\ܚ\\HY\[H[[H[[H\X[YHX[ۈو\\[؛\˂[[Z\Y[Z[]Y܈HY[وXY][Y[]\HBUH \HX[]HSPHXY^[H [H\][ B[H^XY\H\XZ[]\[\ Z[\Hۙ\[\ˈH\˜]Z[XH[[H]HܙHو[H\H[][H ˒[[Z[KBM