Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 11

Here are a few tips I practice daily to maintain a healthy rela- tionship with self and others: Schedule Self-Care: Too often we neglect and overlook ourselves for others, resulting in so many emotions that leave us with feelings of depletion. I challenge you to take some time for yourself daily. Yes, I said daily. This is part of selfcare. This can include working out, relaxing, meditation, quiet time alone, writ- ing, a long bath, manicure and pedicure. You determine what that is in the moment. Selfcare is a necessity for ourselves, it allows us to refuel when feelings of depletion arise. When doing this daily you never run on the half full half empty feeling. Most importantly, you never allow your energy to be fully drained. Your cup is always full. You will have the ability to manage healthy relationships with your loved ones and people you communicate with on a regular and daily basis. Selfcare is simply a way to sustain healthy relationships. Set Boundaries and Prioritize Self: Do away with the long to do list, set boundaries and prioritize YOU! We are so accustomed to our to do list that we forget about what’s most im- portant. If you say you are important and you are at the bottom of your to do list, how often do you get to focus on you? You are essentially telling yourself it’s okay to be neglected. Self-neglect will lead you to exhaustion and feelings of depletion. You cannot live on emptiness nor sustain a healthy relationship depleted. Other people see the value of you by your own standards. How you operate and function in your own relationship with self is key to all relationships. Setting boundaries allows you to priori- tize you by putting you at the top of your long list. Setting boundaries also allows you not to set unrealistic expectations of others. Challenge yourself by putting you first, you are most important. Practice Self-value and Worth: I woke up one morning bold, confident and pleased with the woman I saw and became. I walked passed the mirror and saw me and immediately fell in love with the woman I am becoming. Your self-value and worth elim- inates confidence the best outfit you could ever where. The amount of love you pour into yourself is literally the amount of love you receive in relation- ships. Accept only what you give and accept nothing less than what you val- ue. Know your worth. 11