Speak Woman Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Speak Woman Magazine - Page 10

Building Healthy Relationships Starting with Self Yamika Leeper-Stephens Lifestyle Fitness Coach YLS Fitness & Exercise Coaching LLC When a woman values her self-worth she gives an eternity of life to her future generations. She is the foundation, the source, the key to how we see ourselves. Everyone who follows her will help nurture or destroy what she has given good or bad, positive or negative. Woman is the be- ginning of all relationships. It is important for a woman to know and love who she is. Building healthy relationships can be a challenge if you allow them to. Healthy relationships start with self. You do not accept toxic and un- healthy relationships when you have a healthy relationship with your- self. People who have healthy relationships with themselves are usually in healthy relationships with others. How you feel about yourself deter- mines how others can and will feel about you. It’s simple, you receive what you give. People treat you how you treat yourself. For the new year let’s focus on building a healthy relationship starting with self, no re- grets and no apologies. 10