Speak Woman Magazine Summer 2018 Issue of Speak Woman Magazine - Page 8

Best for Teens Teens have an entrepreneurial spirit. They are creative and when they “like” something they put a lot of effort into it. Think about it. That young person that loves video games spends hours and days researching and learning everything about the gaming system. Here are a few businesses ideas for teens. Social Media Manager: Most teenagers are well aware of the quick changes in the social media arena and how to stay engaged through con- stant communication. So, becoming a social media manager is right up their alley. With a little training they can be on the way to creating a business. Baby sitting: Most families have a lot going on and finding an afforda- ble babysitter that they can trust is vital. Hiring a teenage babysitter can offer a family some relief while creating wealth for the young person. Car Wash/ Detailing: Who does not like a clean car inside and out, especially in the Summer? Most people will support teenagers who of- fer to wash and detail their car. The idea of supporting a young person AND not having to clean their car is a great selling point. Summer can be a time to stay active AND earn income for many teens. If you need more assistance in creating business ideas for the teen in your life 8 visit speakwomanmagazine.com.