Speak Woman Magazine Summer 2018 Issue of Speak Woman Magazine - Page 20

Wright State University. We have a platform for underground artists from all over, our local com- I was born and raised in munity leaders, organizations, busi- Dayton, Ohio. Growing up, music ness owners, etc. On this show we allowed me the safe place to express put the spotlight on THE PEO- my emotions. Music is not only PLE... We are The People’s Choice. therapeutic, but has became a way #DaytonUnited of life. Through life’s Different experiences (Parents separation, first crush, first heartbreak, finding myself etc.) music found Me. I’ve been singing and acting since age six; in high school it evolved into RAP! I coined the “Pretty Pesos” movement to motivate and em- power other business-oriented and hardworking individuals to never stop believing in their dreams. Of course it’s heavily directed to my The idea of being in control of women demographic because more my dreams in every aspect women are coming to the platform motivated me to create my own lane. To Me, Entrepreneurship with more than just a pretty face. means following the beat of your Women are now the highest own drum. Some People would say growing group of entrepreneurs I’m all over the place and need to focus on one gift. However, I believe and we have the degrees to back it up. Pretty Pesos, LLC is a when you are the owner of your brand you just have a lot of PLAN business umbrella that covers A’s. Everything works together for women empowerment events local- the bigger picture... TO BE AN ly, physical and mental health, ENTERTAINER! workout events for the community, motivational speaking opportuni- ties, mentorship, night life events and more. The Hip Hop Wake Up Radio Show is stationed at 20