Speak Woman Magazine Spring 2018 Issue of Speak Woman Magazine - Page 7

Be Your Best Investment Deborah Risper How many of us can truly say that we’ve invested in ourselves more than the daily food, fashion, or trending things that we spend countless dollars on? We spend so much time trying to keep up with others. In my experience as a business coach & leader, many pack the house out when it is a “free” resource involved, but how many of us know that the REAL experience doesn’t start until you invest? ourselves, “that course/class isn’t going to change anything” or we say “this free resource is just fine, I’ll research more from this.” Believe that you are worth that class or course and that investing in it will expand your mindset. That free re- source can honestly only take you so far. You know why? The person pitching it to you has done their homework to capture you and know you can only pair their in- formation with their product. Plus, if you In today’s society entrepreneurship had known what they told you in the free is the fastest growing profession. Millen- course, you would not need the free re- source or the need to search further. nials are free birds and want things on their owns terms. As a business owner, My goal as a business coach is to that is a great part of why many of us are teach you that your brand & business in business. My motto is freedom, fun, & is you. If you don’t invest in you, why should others? Investing in you does not fulfillment. To gain these things we always have to cost. Market research is cannot wake up one day with an idea and free but time consuming and worth it. think that everyone is our customer and YouTube is certainly free but takes time everything we already know is going to to watch and even beyond that questions make us millions. The fake it until you arise. Take time to research your industry make it only goes so far. Sooner or later hero/she-ro and find out how they started and they made it to where they are now. I it will show up in your brand. can assure you it was hard work, dedica- Why are we so sketchy about in- tion, and most importantly an investment vesting in us? Most of the time it is our of money and time. If no one has told own mental block and the amount of you, you are worth the investment! “free” resources that catch us up. We tell 7