Speak Woman Magazine Spring 2018 Issue of Speak Woman Magazine - Page 11

Embracing Singleness Carmelita Mcroy It can be a blessing and a I pray this article blesses eve- wonderful time for you to grow ry single woman who reads it with and really get to know who you more wisdom and insight on how are. I have been single for sixteen to handle her singleness. Even if years and celibate for fourteen you are not a believer in Christ, do years, so sister I know what it’s not turn me off because I know like to be single and lonely, crying, that this will help you as well. waiting, wondering, happy, excit- ed, unsure, and successful; all Please, remember girlfriend while being saved. that whether you are single or married you are still a woman who What I can tell you is that if wants and needs love. You are you learn to accept your single- awesome, amazing, and extraordi- ness, then you will begin to feel nary; so, embrace the person God happy and blessed about it. Do created you to be while you are not compromise just to have a single. body of biceps and triceps by you each night; those can bring you Do you think being single the worse stress and heartache means being alone or lonely? Are imaginable. you ready to just settle for the next man who comes and speaks sweet If you are struggling with low nothings in your ear? Does it self-esteem while single, then it is bother you that it seems that eve- time for you to get out. I am not ryone around you is married? saying hang at the club, but I am saying work and church won’t do. You must love being single Get out, join some groups, attend before you can love being in a rela- workshops and conferences, and tionship or being married. A man select a night each week to meet does not make you whole, you up with girlfriends. Speak positive need to be whole before you get affirmations to yourself daily. with your mate; a man is a bonus to your already great life. Remember, the Bible says he will find you! Being single is not a punishment! 11