SPARK Summer 2017

SUMMER 2017 Hello, SPARKL ERS! Now the sun is out, and holid ay time is here do you plan to . How spend yours? I’d like to paddle because it can in the sea get very hot fo r sparks like m year! Find out e at this time of more about h ow special se a s a re on page 8. If you look to the skies on a cl e a r night, you mig starry wonde ht see lots of rs too. There w new ill b e a to tal eclipse of th this summer to e sun in Ameri o and you can ca read about ecl If you like watc ipses on page hing animals 16 . then you’ll en joy reading ab going on safa out ri, by one of o ur Young Rep o rt e rs. Please keep se nding in your n ews, stories a as it’s great to nd letters know what yo u’ve been up to! Happy summ er time! Sparky