SPARK 2015 - Page 6

Dates House Rajagiri International School is a community of learners.The House system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The Houses provide for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers. The Houses compete in a number of sporting and cultural activities for points. The Dates house, proudly donning their Red shirts brought home laurels. Team Dates believed that winning or losing, walking off the course with pride, always taking the high road, is what matters. Football this year had a red hue-Player of the match, in both the sub-junior and junior, subjunior runners-up, winner of the junior football tournament. Kho-kho winners- junior girls, individual medals in the pool, badminton champions, and medals in the track and field events catapulted us to a proud Second in Sports. Poster making competition and other inter-house events kept the Date flag fluttering. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”, a popular John.C. Maxwell quote finds meaning in RIS. Our Principal, Mrs. Arundhati Rawat, Vice-Principal Mrs. Bishara Noorudeen, Primary Supervisor, Mrs. Shanti Venkatraman andSenior Supervisor, Mr. Mohammed Shafiq led by example and brought out the best in us. I would like to thank the Asst. house mistress Mrs. Resna Prasad, Grades- in- charge Mrs. Reena Dinesh, Mrs. Lakshmipriya, Mrs. Nalini, Mrs.Manu, Mrs.Rini, Mrs.Binu, Mr.Prithvi and Mr.Ammanullawho stood by me through thick and thin.I thank our PE teachers Mrs. JayanthiNishan,Mr. K.K. Reji, Mr.Renil. C. John,and Mr.Amjadfor their support and guidance. “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”. Indu Naina George Mistress-Dates House Dates House