SPARK 2015 - Page 5

Message from Our Principal “In the race of excellence there is no finish line”…these words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum are much encouraging and inspiring. The school’s excellence transpires in the learning environment and synergy among the students, teachers and parents. The school life at RIS is vibrant, innovative and engaging. We believe that learning is most rewarding in a school that is creative, co-operative discerning and fundamentally fun. We strive to achieve this excellence every day. The best things in life are not the rare moments that are exceptional, but the everyday moments, the meaningful routine that we create, build on the past achievements and move forward with our goals. If we can find inspiration in the everyday events, we will be present and engaged in ways that will invariably lead to success and happiness. It has been an exciting 2015 and this issue of SPARK reflects the mood and energy of our school. As I flip through the pages the feeling of pride, joy and satisfaction is second to none. The students of Editorial board have captured the ordinary everyday moments and made them extraordinary. I congratulate the entire team for their beautiful work and wish that EXCELLENCE becomes our habit. Arundhati Rawat Principal Rajagiri International School, L.L.C. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.