SPARK 2015 - Page 181

We have never missed any concert of Rajagiri International School and enjoyed it every year. But this year the concert was exceptionally good and managed very beautifully. Each and every aspect was designed, combined, coordinated and presented so well that there was no chance of any negative marking. The show was so commendable from start to end that even I wanted to get in middle, but I forced myself to sit and watch till the end so that I don’t miss any single moment of the concert. Each and every song from 1950s , till the 2010, my wife and i were enjoying , singing and were completely lost from the outside world ,office pressure that I even told myself how lucky I am to watch this show, which is a memorable one and worth watching. The songs, the step by step chores songs, costume design mainly the color combination, kids participation, till the end, we never felt bored even for a second. Hats off to the Principal, teachers, administration staff, designers, make up person, nanny and also the drivers who had helped the Children to perform this show and make it a great success.Once again I wish all the best to all of you to continue these finest concerts year after year, so that no school can compete with Rajagiri’s spirit and make a relentless name in the future. Ranjit Poojari