SPARK 2015 - Page 173

SUCCESS IS NOT COUNTED IN NUMBERS. The term ‘excellence’ is quite often misinterpreted as a synonym for academic excellence. Excellence merely does not denote meritorious academic achievements. The success of a student, today, is not counted in terms of marks or grades he or she scores in the assessments only. A good student is always an all-rounder who enthusiastically participates in all activities of the school. I would like to see all my students actively participate in curricular and cocurricular activities. One who keeps a balance in both the areas of learning will be an achiever, he or she only will be able to meet the challenges of time. A parent should be able to identify the child’s likes, dislikes, hopes, aspirations, interest and aptitude. Instead of forcing elders’ interest on the student, the child’s hidden interests, talents and capabilities are to be fostered. Recent developments in the field of teaching and learning have proved that rot leaning will only produce inhuman entities. A child should learn through experiences. They should be made familiar with varied life experiences, bitter and sweet. There are some who dare not to make the children experience the hardships of life. Sometime a healthy walk through a calm and serene terrain would do much more than gluing at the touch screen of your laptop. Find time for healthy fun and frolic outside the four walls of the apartments. One who pursues excellence is a keen observer. Only one who tries to understand and observe new realms of knowledge and information opened to him can relish them. Accept only the best, what the time requires, do not blindly follow the age old practices. Be creative, many a times you may be wrongly interpreted, but you will succeed ultimately. I want all my students to pursue excellence, face the challenges ahead of them, be kind and considerate to their fellow beings, protect his environment and make this world a better place to live in. They should be law abiding citizens, good neighbours, very good friends, loving offspring, excellent students and above all VERY GOOD HUMAN BEINGS. M.A. MOHAMMED SHAFIQ. SUPERVISOR