SPARK 2015 - Page 171

She thought of yet more weariness and tears, And she didn’t, didn’t, DIDN’T want tomorrow to come She thought of the late bedtimes and early rising times, She thought of how she could only sit on the floor while others sat on chairs. She thought of the meagre portions of food she received, She thought of how all of them hurt her with their words and actions. Then suddenly she could see the sun rising, She felt sick and felt like giving up. She didn’t want such a life, Where she was an invisible figure without a voice. She daydreamed of her carefree days of the past, And her miserable days of the present. She thought of her uneventful future, Where she would be drudging with a broken heart. She got up and emerged from the house of fate, She made her way to the river in the silvery light of dawn. She stood infront of the rushing water ready to jump into it And end her life there and then.