SPARK 2015 - Page 12

LET’S CHERISH THEIR CHILDHOOD “Children are the epitome of innocence, they are the epitome of purity, they are the epitome of love, and they are the epitome of hope and gladness in this difficult and troubled world. – Gordon B. Hinckley” Nowadays, children mature very early. The way we lived our childhood is not the same anymore. The reasons can be umpteen, social pressures, change in the surroundings, circumstances etc. Being matured is not bad. It gives children a broader outlook and an understanding of things but in that maturity, they shouldn’t lose their innocence. When we were in our childhood days, we used to be care free; in our own world which was full of fun, joy and happiness. But today, seeing these children, I ask myself that are they actually enjoying their childhood? Why don’t we make an effort to preserve their childhood and cherish their innocence. Because once they grow –  They are not going to ask you for a hug if they had a scary dream at night.  They are not going to ask you to read a story to them just because they are not in a mood of reading it on their own.  They are not going to ask you to tie their shoes laces just because they can’t get a tight knot like yours.  They are not going to ask you to lie down by their side for 5 minutes extra in the morning just because they want your cozy feel. Let’s not push our children to grow up too soon. Let them enjoy their childhood. Their beauty lies in their innocence, let’s cherish it. Manisha Khiani Kindergarten Supervisor Dubai, United Arab Emirates