Spalding COE LiveText Help - Creating an Assignment

LiveText Bits & Bytes College of Education Byte size information on using LiveText Creating an Assignment in a Course Click on the Courses tab at the top. Click on the course in which you wish to create an assignment. Click on Assignments (second tab below the course code). Click 1. Enter a descriptive title 2. Enter a full description for the assignment, include special instructions. 3. There are three options for the Post Date: Do not post it yet (use this if you are still creating the assignment); Post Now; and Post On.. (where you set the specific date and time when students will be able to view the assignment). 4. Set the Due Date, and yes you must set all five little boxes including time. 5. Select the Viewable to Students checkbox if a student is required to submit an artifact for the assignment. If the checkbox is not selected, the assignment will not be displayed on the student's course assignment list. However, it will still be displayed on the faculty's view. For example, this may be an assessment conducted on class participation or an oral presentation. Page 1 of 2 Creating an Assignment in a Course