SPADA 2017 - Page 34

34 REVIEWS DON’t just take our WORD FOR IT… Over the last 18 months, we have launched our ‘everywear’ collection - not just a range of clothing but a whole concept that looks at the changing nature of motorcycling clothing and the myriad ‘tribes’ that ride today’s bikes. We have found that motorcyclists want more choice, more contemporary styling and better specification at that always competitive price point. These are exciting times to be in the motorcycling industry - with the new trend for the Cafe Racer and Naked / Custom bikes comes a whole new wardrobe and demand on us as a clothing brand. Our ‘everywear’ collection focuses on this cultural shift and seeks to answer today’s motorcyclist demand for more style, better protection and a more tailored fit - we have found that many of today’s motorcyclists want clothing that not only does the job on the bike but looks great when they get off the bike and walk into the coffee shop or bar. And why shouldn’t it? We have now made it our mission to design and develop moto apparel that answers these two opposing ideals. With the introduction of our softer, more ergonimic ‘TEKTOFORM’ CE armour in 2016 we found that the customers wearing this clothing immediately found it more comfortable - with some questioning if the armour was in the jacket - having to feel the armoured areas to confirm it was! But all of the above means nothing if our clothing is not performing to expected standards and constantly evolving with available technologies which is why we find it incredibly satisfying when all our hard work comes to fruition in the form of great reviews - not just from the press but more importantly from our customers. Spada Union Jacket. “When we say waterproof we mean it” Ride Magazine March 2016. “A stylish jacket with more features than first meet the eye” Twist & Go April 2016. Spada Staffy Jacket “Sartorial Excellence at real world prices” Bike Buyers Guide April 2016 Spada Burnout Jacket. “The sportiest jacket in this test, and a generally impressive bit of kit” Ride Magazine march 2016. Spada Jet Stream Helmet. “Easy to use and comes with several good features” Twist & Go March/April 2016. Spada Enforcer Glove. “Comfortable fit from the off, no breaking in or stiffness to worry about” Scootering March 2016. Spada Intrepid Helmet “Impressively featured” “If you can’t afford more you won’t be disappointed” ABR July/Aug 2016. Spada Predator II GlOves “We can’t see how you could pack in much more for the money” Fast Bikes Magazine March 2016 Spada PILGRIM BOOTS “These boots are great when you ride a scrambler like my ducati - you get toe and heel reinforcement and a higher than normal top. comfort and fit are both fine on and off the bike. MCN JUNE 2016. SpadaClothingUK