SPADA 2017 - Page 2

“Why does a motorbike jacket have to look like a motorbike jacket?” That question was the genesis of our ‘everywear’ concept - beginning with our 2016 collection. This is a collection of garments that refuses to stick to embedded concepts of motorcycle apparel. We do not believe that all motorcycle jackets have to be constructed in the tried and tested way of black cotton textiles with colour coded flashes of colour. As motorcycling is evolving and the market is changing to meet the needs of the customer, so too does the clothing that the motorcyclist demands change. So, at Spada we now are constantly reviewing and evolving our own belief system of what constitutes motorcycle apparel- and what that motorcycle apparel looks like. From our “concepts lab” studio in Halesowen we have developed a range of motorcycle clothing that offers the modern motorcyclist a much broader choice of style. From the massive success of our Air Force One Jacket inspired by the timeless styling of the classic MA1 Bomber Jacket and the college inspired Campus Range to the new concept of our Kingsman Tweed Gentleman’s jacket. As you motorcyclists get more ‘dapper’ we’re loving being inspired by what you want from your riding gear! concepts lab Mark Ingleby. Head of Spada. SpadaClothingUK