SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 94

cphcfu îÙp„S>rg ± c|c®h: õh: ss¹$ krhsyh®f¡Îe„, cNp£ v$¡hõe ^udrl r^ep¡ ep¡ “: âQp¡v$eps —&& (Late) Khandubhai Ranchhodbhai Lad õh. M„Xy$cpB fZR>p¡X$cpB gpX$ 10.05.1944 Talavchora, India 09.03.2017 Leicester, UK S>Þd: sp. 10-05-1944 smphQp¡fp, cpfs õhN®hpk: sp. 09-03-2017 g¡õV$f, ey.L¡$. In loving memory of the sweetest husband, dearest father, grandfather and father in law. Those of you that knew our dad will remember a jovial man, someone who would always make you laugh and had a light-hearted love for life. Someone who was strong minded and stood up for what he believed in. Someone who put his family first and loved a good get together. Someone who supported you, who strengthened you and left you feeling a level of love and peace. He was all that and so much more for us, his family. He provided us with a life of ease and comfort. He showed us what love looks like, especially when it came to his Jasoda! He showed us how to work hard, stay positive, and dance through life. We will never forget the solid example he set for us all and way he fought right up until the end. We are proud of him and we will miss him every day that we wake up without him in this world. We carry him close to our hearts and with that, we strive to celebrate life just as he would have liked us to, for in each of our smiles lies his beautiful memory. He left us on the 9th of March 2017. He now he lives in our hearts forever more. Note from grandchildren: Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they didn’t meet our grandad. He was someone who was funny right up until his last breath, he taught us to be strong, strive for our dreams and always be happy. He was an achiever and we will look up to him forever. We know that wherever he is now, he’s sitting with his feet up, watching cricket and enjoying a jellaby. We love you and we miss you. ± ip„rs: ip„rs: ip„rs: Om Shantih Shantih Shantih gu Jasodaben Khandubhai Lad (Wife) Manoj Lad (Son), Priya Bhayani & Mukti Lad-Patel (Daughters) Hitesh Bhayani & Dipen Patel (Son-in-Laws) Trishul Bhayani, Radhika Bhayani, Roshni Bhayani & Chhaya Lad (Grandchildren) Jai Shri Krishna Thomson Close, Rushey Mead, Leicester LE4 7SX 92 kv¹$Ns“p ‘yÎep’£ âÅ‘rs k„v$¡i“¡ ‘p¦X$ 250.00 “y„ v$p“ Ap‘hpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡, Apcpf