SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 92

cphcfu îÙp„S>rg ± c|c®h: õh: ss¹$ krhsyh®f¡Îe„, cNp£ v$¡hõe ^udrl r^ep¡ ep¡ “: âQp¡v$eps —&& (Late) Vallabhbhai Dullabhbhai Mistry õh. hëgccpB vy$ëgccpB rd”u$ 20.05.1930 Jalalpore, India 29.03.2017 Ashton-Under-Lyne, UK S>Þd: sp. 20-05-1930 S>gpg‘p¡f, cpfs. õhN®hpk: sp. 29-03-2017 ApõV$“-A„X$f-gpB“, ey.L¡$. l¡ “p’ Å¡X$u lp’ ‘pe¡ â¡d’u klº dp„NuA¡, ifÏ„ dm¡ kpQy sdpfy„ A¡ ùv$e’u dp„NuA¡. S>¡ Æh Apìep¡ Ap‘ ‘pk¡ QfZdp„ A‘“phÅ¡, ‘fdpÐdp A¡ ApÐdp“¡ ip„rs kpQu Ap‘Å¡. In loving memory of our beloved Husband, Father, Granddad and Great Granddad, who will be missed not only the day you left us but every day. We are grateful for everything you have done for us. Your hard work and sacrifice has created a better life for all of us near or far. Your generosity and willingness to help others was your virtue and will be forever remembered. We will carry on your legacy which we know will continue for generations to come. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten by family and friends. The past months of suffering were tough for you, may God welcome you with open arms and may God rest your soul in eternal peace. ± ip„rs: ip„rs: ip„rs: Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Dudhiben Vallabhbhai Mistry (Wife) Arunbhai Vallabhbhai Mistry Damyantiben A Mistry Anitaben N Lad Natubhai M Lad Anjanaben A Patel gu Ashwinbhai H Patel Ragini J Hevingham Jason Hevingham Grandchildren: Jayan, Aneeka, Seetal, Kiran, Lilly and Grace Kalpesh & Anamika Patel, Jenna & Jason Parsons Great Grandchildren: Karan & Anvi s¡dS> kh£ Ly$Vy„$buS>“p¡“p S>e îuL©$óZ Jai Shri Krishna 35 Carlisle Crescent, Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside OL6 8UJ 90 kv¹$Ns“p ‘yÎep’£ âÅ‘rs k„v$¡i“¡ ‘p¦X$ 250.00 “y„ v$p“ Ap‘hpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡, Apcpf