SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 88

cphcfu îÙp„S>rg ± c|c®h: õh: ss¹$ krhsyh®f¡Îe„, cNp£ v$¡hõe ^udrl r^ep¡ ep¡ “: âQp¡v$eps —&& (Late) Dalpatram Morarji Mistry õh. v$g‘sfpd dp¡fpfÆ rd”u 09.07.1932 Ambada, India 26.12.2016 Leicester, UK S>Þd: sp. 09-07-1932 A„bpX$p, cpfs õhN®hpk: sp. 26-12-2016 g¡õV$f, ey.L¡$. ± Ûp¥: ip„rs: fГqfn Ny„ ip„rs: ‘©Õhu ip„rs: fp‘: ip„rs: fp¡j^e: ip„rs: h“õ‘se: ip„rs: rhð¡v$¡hp: ip„rs: b°û ip„rs: kh® Ny„ ip„rs: ip„rs A¡h ip„rs: kpdp ip„rsf¡r^ && In loving memory of a dearly departed husband, beloved father and a proud grandfather We are truly grateful for everything you did for all of us and your presence will be missed Your hard work and sacrifices have created a better way and life for us all We will cherish your love, wisdom and kind nature Your memory will remain with us all forever May your soul rest in peace ± ip„rs: ip„rs: ip„rs: Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Maniben Dalpatram Mistry (Wife) Priyesh Dalpatram Mistry (Son) gu Deena Priyesh Mistry (Daughter-in-Law) Grandchildren: Chaiya, Khreena and Naiyen Jai Shri Krishna 57 Shetland Road, Leicester LE4 6RS 86 kv¹$Ns“p ‘yÎep’£ âÅ‘rs k„v$¡i“¡ ‘p¦X$ 250.00 “y„ v$p“ Ap‘hpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡, Apcpf