SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 86

cphcfu îÙp„S>rg ± c|c®h: õh: ss¹$ krhsyh®f¡Îe„, cNp£ v$¡hõe ^udrl r^ep¡ ep¡ “: âQp¡v$eps —&& (Late) Shantilal Motibhai Lad õh. ip„rsgpg dp¡sucpB gpX$ 05.04.1943 Lilapore, India 21.11.2016 Bradford, UK S>Þd: sp. 05-04-1943 gugp‘p¡f, cpfs õhN®hpk: sp. 21-11-2016 b°¡X$ap¡X®$, ey.L¡$. In loving memory of my dear Husband, Dad and Bapa. Your kindness towards your family will be cherished forever. Not a day goes by without us remembering you, your smile and laughter. Your generosity towards your family and others was out of this world and that was simply in your nature. Dad we may not have said it often enough, but we love you and thank you for what you have done for us. You will be dearly missed by Mum and all of us and will always remain in our hearts forever. May God rest your Soul in Eternal Peace. dpfp ‘rs îu ip„rsgpg dp¡sucpB gpX$ h¥Ly„$W$hpku ’ep. Adpfp Ly$Vy„$bdp„ hpÐkëecf hX$ug“u Mp¡V$ ‘X$u R>¡. s¡Ap¡“p âdpm, Dv$pf A“¡ kp¥“¡ dv$v$ê$‘ ’hp“p õhcph’u s¡Ap¡ kp¥“p râe‘pÓ bÞep lsp. ldpfp Ly$Vy„$b ‘f Aphu ‘X¡$g AZ^pfu Ap‘suh¡mp ê$bê$ ‘^pfu, V¡$guap¡“ A“¡ ‘Ó Üpfp S>¡ k„v$¡ip ‘pW$ìep R>¡, s¡dS> A„rsdq¾$ep kde¡ lpS>f flu cphcfu îÙp„S>rg s¡dS> ‘yó‘p„S>rg Ap‘hp bv$g Adpfp v$f¡L$ kNpõ“¡luS>“p¡ s’p rdÓp¡“p¡ ìe[¼sNs Apcpf dp“hp¡ Ai¼e lp¡hp’u, Adp¡ Ap âÅ‘rs k„v$¡i Üpfp Ap‘ kp¥“p¡ lpqv$®L$ Apcpf dp“uA¡ R>uA¡. ‘fd L©$‘pmy ‘fdpÐdp kv¹$Ns“p Adf Apsdp“¡ rQf ip„rs A‘£ A¡S> ldpfu A„s:L$fZ“u âcy âp’®“p. OX$u OX$u epv$ Aph¡ sdpfu, hfkphu “p„M¡ Ap„Mp¡ Adpfu—& lõsy dyMXy$ kv$pe lksu gu^u rhv$pe, L$d®ep¡Nu sd ApÐdp“¡ âcy lõsp¡ fpM¡ kv$pe—&& N„.õh. dZub¡“ ip„rsgpg gpX$ (‘Гu) ± ip„rs: ip„rs: ip„rs: Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Maniben Shantilal Lad (Wife) Jayesh Shantilal Lad Hitesh Shantilal Lad Pritesh Shantilal Lad Daksha M Tailor gu Pushpa J Lad Jayshree H Lad Peena P Lad Mahesh Tailor Grandchildren: Rikesh, Anisha, Bhavisha, Reena, Tiran, Kaiyan, Jay and Vinay Jai Shri Krishna 270 Great Horton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 1PU 84 kv¹$Ns“p ‘yÎep’£ âÅ‘rs k„v$¡i“¡ ‘p¦X$ 251.00 “y„ v$p“ Ap‘hpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡, Apcpf