SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 83

cphcfu îÙp„S>rg ± c|c®h: õh: ss¹$ krhsyh®f¡Îe„, cNp£ v$¡hõe ^udrl r^ep¡ ep¡ “: âQp¡v$eps —&& (Late) Maganlal Chhibabhai Lad õh. dN“gpg R>ubpcpB gpX$ 09.07.1940 Kalthan, India 25.10.2015 Leicester, UK S>Þd: sp. 09-07-1940 L$ë’pZ, cpfs õhN®hpk: sp. 25-10-2015 g¡õV$f, ey.L¡$. In loving memory of a dear Husband, a wonderful Father and a proud Grandfather. Your hard work, passion, courage and sacrifices are an inspiration to us all. We will never forget your generous nature, wisdom in wise words and your love for us all. We miss you, are grateful for everything you did for us all and your memories will live in our hearts always. May God rest your soul in Eternal Peace. îu dN“gpg R>ubpcpB gpX$ h¥Ly„$W$hpku ’sp Adpfp Ly$Vy„$bdp„ hpÐkëecf hX$ug“u Mp¡V$ ‘X$u R>¡. s¡Ap¡“p¡ â¡dpm “¡ lkdyMp¡ õhcph’u s¡Ap¡ kp¥“p râe ‘pÓ bÞep lsp. Adpfp ‘qfhpfdp„ L$v$ue¡ “ ‘|fpe s¡hu Mp¡V$ ‘X$u R>¡. kh£ âÐe¡ k„cph v$ip®hsp ‘rs A“¡ õhS>“p¡ A“¡ rdÓp¡dp„ M|b S> epv$ Aph¡ R>¡. ‘fd L©$‘pmy ‘fdpÐdp kv¹$Ns“p Adf ApÐdp“¡ rQf ip„su A‘£ A¡S> ldpfu A„s:L$fZ“u âcy âp’®“p. khuspb¡“ dN“gpg gpX$ (‘Гu) ± ip„rs: ip„rs: ip„rs: Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Savitaben Maganlal Lad (Wife) Umeshkumar Maganlal Lad Rashmi Tarunkumar Mistry gu Anita Umeshkumar Lad Tarunkumar V Mistry Grandchildren: Dharshana U Lad, Meesha U Lad, Davina T Mistry and Rohan T Mistry s¡dS> kh£ Ly$Vy„$buS>“p¡“p S>e îuL©$óZ Jai Shri Krishna 38 Columbine Road, Hamilton, Leicester LE5 1UG kv¹$Ns“p ‘yÎep’£ âÅ‘rs k„v$¡i“¡ ‘p¦X$ 251.00 “y„ v$p“ Ap‘hpdp„ Apìey„ R>¡, Apcpf 81