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Shri Rambhai Dahyabhai Mistry 09.09.1927 - 16.06.2017 Leicester (Narod Bigri, India) “He was a lifelong volunteer at Shree Prajapati Samaj Leicester...” A Brief Life Story Documented by Hasmukh Mistry (son) with help from Shri Rambhai’s Family. • Married to Shrimati Bhaniben in 1942, father of 5 sons and 1 daughter. • Shri Rambhai was born on the 9th September 1927 in Narod Bigri. He was a premature baby weighing just 3 pounds! He was the eldest in the family, with 3 younger brothers and 3 sisters. • Shri Rambhai lived in a village named Desra in Kumbharpharya, which was 1 mile from Billimora. He lived in a brick house with land where mango • In 1960, his wife Bhaniben arrived many years, on the New Year’s and Govind, and daughter Ramila. Day he was often given the duty of In England he had two more sons, opening the Mandir at 5am, so the Suresh and Pravin. He then moved to building was open and ready for first Doncaster Road. aarti at 6am. • He worked in an engineering factory. Shree Prajapati Samaj, Leicester and add to his carpentry skills. He cycled took part in raising money for the everywhere carrying his carpentry new building. He sat in the religious and plumbing tools on his bike. He havan (katha) after the Leicester retired at the age of 58. Samaj building was purchased, • In 1984, he arranged for his 80 year and vegetables grown. He went to a old father in India to visit UK for the school in Billimora. very first time. He looked after his worked at Darbhangha mill (cloth and furniture makers) in Navsari, so father who passed away two years • In 1994, at the age of 65, he lost his wife Bhaniben of 50 years whom he mill, and also worked at the clothing had cared for in her final years of shop his father had bought in Navsari her illness. • He obtained a permit to go to Kampala, Africa. Sadly just before he regularly attended samaj Bhajans and the annual mahila events. For Navratri, he was a dedicated volunteer for all 9 days. • Shri Rambhai was a popular and later in UK. they moved there. He worked at the called “The Ready-made store”. • He was a lifelong volunteer at He also self-taught plumbing skills to trees grew, rice was farmed in fields • His father Shri Dahyabhai Vishram the Sanatan Mandir building. For from India with two sons Jayantilal well-loved figure in the Leicester community. He was an original resident of the famous Belgrave Road Golden Mile shopping area. He lived all his life in the heart of this Asian • He did a lot of voluntary work for community, was immensely proud Sanatan Mandir in Leicester where he of it and embraced the local life with used his carpentry skills to improve pride and passion. left, he lost his mother. In Kampala, he trained as a carpenter with a building company. • In 1955, he came to Leicester, UK from Kampala for a short time. • He went back to India in 1956 by P&O ferry, through the Suez Canal. He took his bicycle from UK to India which he used for travelling around in India. • He came to Leicester in 1957 with eldest son Hasmukh. He worked and bought his first house within 1 year in Brandon Street, a 3-bedroom terrace for £500! 78 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 Shri Rambhai and eldest son Hasmukh leaving India. A sad moment leaving behind his wife, two sons and father.