SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 8

SECRETARY BALU B HAI L AD Namaste, Jai Shree Krishna to SPA (UK) Trustees, Working committee, Prathindhis and fellow members. Shree Prajapati Association (UK) trustees, office bearers, Pratinidhis and branch committee Another year has flown by and this year has members. My best wishes for the New Year. been the hardest for me to keep motivated and My sincere thanks to the previous HQ committee continue in all the years as Secretary. Despite for guiding me as well as training me to take over streamlining the decision-making process, it the post of secretary for the year 2017/18. Special would appear the trustees are still taking time appreciation goes to Jitubhai (past President) to find their feet; it seems adapting to change and Hansaben (past Secretary). is never easy, and communication and decision It’s not long since I and the new committee members have been elected as office bearers in May 2017. The work of SPA (UK) has been carried on by the various sub committees and as such my workload has been reduced. making still requires multiple prompts. Despite this, SPA (UK) is still regarded highly by many community groups and sub committees have continued to excel with very successful events as highlighted herein: The activities carried out have been summarised below by Hansaben and myself and you can Mahilas read the full details in the reports from the sub The newly elected committee in 2015 with committees published in Sandesh. My thanks Pushpaben, Dakshaben, Shardaben and to all the committee members who worked as a Praveenaben from Tameside settled into their team under the leadership of elected leaders. role with their first event; the family fun day Balubhai Lad J.P. (Bradford), Secretary, SPA (UK), 2017-2018 6 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 at Draycote Water, followed by an excellent