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After the golf, there was a trophy presentation and BBQ. Unfortunately, Nanubhai and Vijay did not win any prizes but thoroughly enjoyed the day. Shree Bhuvaneshwar Mahadev Rudri Abhisek. This event took place on Sunday 4 June 2017 at the Hindu Community Centre in Wellingborough. It was well attended with around 150 people in total. The event started at 9am and we were pleased with the support of the yajmans and the public who attended. The pooja was conducted by Shree Waendel Walk Labshanker Shastri from Gondal Mandir in a very peaceful and holy On Saturday 13 May 2017, several of atmosphere. After the havan, thal our branch members participated and aarti, a discourse was given by in the International Waendel Walk in Adhyaksh Shree Dr Ravindersanji. This Wellingborough and the surrounding was followed by darshan, pranam and areas. This was the 11th year we’ve bhojan parsadi for all. taken part and it was another thoroughly enjoyable event as the The committee would like to thank all walkers took in the lovely villages and yajmans, donors, the public for their fields around Wellingborough. Money support and especially the volunteers raised by the participants will be who were up very early on Sunday donated to our 2017 charities. morning preparing the food and SPA 6th Charity Golf Day setting up the hall. All of this made this charity fundraising event a success On Saturday 24 June 2017, two of our and the money collected will go to our branch members participated in the nominated charities for 2017. SPA Charity Golf Day in Birmingham. It was another excellent event and very well organised with a large number of players from several branches. vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 77