SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 76

Walsall Namaste and Welcome to Shree Prajapati Association Walsall. On the Samaj front, it has been a very quiet year with minimal activities which we’ve highlighted below. Our individual life events have taken prominence this year over our community spirit. As a smaller community we depend heavily on our members to partake. However, the truth of the matter is without our members, the Samaj cannot exist. Walsall is very proud of our volunteers, young and old, who have been giving years of selfless service to our community. Every time we hold a function, we always manage to find people who are willing to help with organising, food preparation, cooking, ringing around to inform other members, setting up and helping on the day. This year our team of ladies supported by a team of gentlemen, very kindly took time out of their busy schedule, and prepared the breakfast puris for the Mahila Samelan in Leicester. Another notable annual event that we hold dear to our hearts is the Shradh Bhajan, which is always well attended, and this year again was no exception. It is also very special because it gives us the opportunity to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us. This time of remembrance, giving, and community spirit brings us all together and keeps us strong. The annual Sports Day was held in Leeds this year. Special thanks to Bradford branch for hosting this event. The day was very much enjoyed by everyone who attended and particularly, it was a very special day for 11-year-old Priyan Mistry who won the under 16s pool competition. Another good day too for Sumant Mistry who retained his winners shield for the over 40s table tennis. Sumantbhai is an example to us all as he now lives on the south coast, but he still makes effort every year to continue to represent Walsall Samaj and take part in the Sports Day despite the long travel. We would like to congratulate all our members who took part as well as express our gratitude to those who came to spectate. At Walsall we currently have opportunities for people wishing to help take our Samaj forward. We are always looking for new ideas and new blood and we currently have various positions open for anyone that wants to participate or to be more involved. Our best wishes to all for the coming year, SPA (UK) – Walsall Branch 74 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017