SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 72

Rugby Namaste The Shradh Bhajan & Bhojan in 2016 and 2017 were well attended with melodious Bhajans and prayers, with all the 2016/17 has been another notable and rewarding year for Aarti collections donated to the The Myton Hospices. SPA Rugby, during which we have supported and raised funds for various Charities. In November 2016 an Orange Ball was held in memory of Late Vinodbhai Mistry. SPA Rugby is proud to announce that £5,200 was raised from this event and other generous HQ Highlights donations. This enabled the branch to donate a Vein Viewer for the Haematology Department on Ward 34 at the The Seniors Sneh Milan and Mahila Samelan were both University Hospital Coventry. The Vein Viewer uses Near well attended and enjoyed by all. We also provided Infra-Red-Light Technology to optimise in seeing blood enthusiastic volunteers for the Mahila Samelan. vessels. This is significant for patients with veins which are difficult to locate, especially for babies, the elderly and the In early September, the SPA (UK) Sports Day was held patients with cancer. in Leeds. Rugby branch had the second highest number of participants. The branch excelled in multiple events, SPA Rugby congratulates brothers Navin, Balwant and winning the Under 13’s Badminton, Men’s Pool, Men’s Kishor from Rugby, for their sheer grit and determination on Volleyball and were runners up in the Over 40’s Football conquering Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and raising money for and Darts Doubles, and in addition we were awarded the charities at the same time. Fair Play Trophy. At the end of 2017, a Red-Carpet Ball was held in aid of The branch supported the SPA (UK) charities of the Friends of Rugby Hospital Charity who provi FRfV&PV#7GW&&6&BV6WfG'W7G2FfVF'6W'f6W2BWVVBFFR7Fg&F0WfVBvR6RFFFR *35'Vv''&6vƖvG0GW&rVR5'Vv''&6&v6VB66G&FfǒFR6֗GFVRvVBƖRFFRF2'GVGFFW"V&W'2BfVFVW'2f"FV"6FVV@7W'BBBFF2vWWFFW7FRFRF6FrvVFW"FRG&v0vV&V6VfVBBVVB'vGFVVFVB6VFrvRv6RWrV"FR6f6b626&VR&65T'Vv''&6sfC"&F6FW6#