SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 61

Bolton Namaste and Jai Shree Krishna The Bolton branch Executive are never quite sure whether we have Committee was re-elected at the AGM made enough food, or the taste is to in 2017 after willing support, assurances everyone’s satisfaction. The committee and persuasion from members who members who organised the food clearly felt that Samaj is a family preparation (and they know who they and can bounce high through any are) always keep their fingers crossed! difficulties. We have yet to receive any complaints so far. This proved to be very fruitful as our coach trip to the Mahila Samelan This year we decided to change track in Leicester attracted very positive and instead of a cultural event full of feedback with everyone enjoying the activities, we hired a live band. This unity they felt whilst travelling in the again was well received with many of coach. Furthermore, to see if we could the members taking full advantage of replicate this feeling we also took the party atmosphere and danced the a coach to the Seniors Samelan in afternoon away to some old classics of Birmingham. Once again, we received Hindi cinema. very positive feedback. ...Samaj is a family and can bounce high through any difficulties. During the past few years Bolton Samaj has been unfortunate to lose some of its prominent members. To a small Samaj this loss is amplified. However, It was a delight to see the youth with their contribution in our minds attracting good attendance at a they provide us with support and the bowling evening which gave them spirit to carry on. impetus to try something different the next time around. Finally, the executive team and the committee would like to thank Our annual programmes commenced everyone in Bolton Samaj for their with Navratri; for the second year we contribution, whether as a volunteer or provided our own music and did not as a participant, whether big or small, hire a group. This change was well every bit is fully appreciated. received by the members. For Diwali celebrations, the food prepar …Ρ₯½Έ=Έ‰•‘…±˜½˜MA€‘U,€ ½±Ρ½Έ‰Ι…Ή °)…Ή½½­₯Ήœ½΅΅•Ή•…Π€Ω…΄Έέ”έ½Υ±ΡΌέ₯Ν …±°AΙ…©…Α…Ρ₯́…±°Ρ‘”)±Ρ‘½Υ ™½½ΑΙ•Α…Ι…Ρ₯½Έ)…Έ‰”ΕΥ₯Ρ”±…‰½Υȁ₯ΉΡ•ΉΝ₯Ω”°)₯Ё₯́…±έ…έ„©½δ°™Υ±°½˜)­ε5Τƒ£ŠsŠqΤƒMhEΑ‘ԁΓ „ΈΈΈΈ)΅₯͍‘₯•˜…Ή΅…ε‘•΄Έ]”)Ω•Ι䁉•ΝЁ₯ΈΡ‘”Ή•άε•…ΘΈ))…€M‘Ι•”-Ι₯Ν‘Ή„)MΥ‰‘…Ν 5₯ΝΡΙ䰁MA ½±Ρ½ΈQΙ•…ΝΥΙ•Θ)5倁±Γ …”ƒA•Α› „0‘Γ … Šs „‘GŠpƒŠqΐÊaΓ „)9ηΥ­Α‘ΓŠx±Γ …”ƒA•Α› „Lω‘ΑˆƒŠpÊaΓ „)Ωδι5ԁ±Γ …”ƒA•Α› „0‘Γ …ΛŠqk Ή”ƒŠqΐŸ …‘Γ „)ΤΈ­εΙ“MΑ‹ ‡Šp ‡ŠpΈΙ“ŠuΤ°‰Ι“ ½9±Α)Ω½°Έ€ΠȁπAΙ…©…Α…Ρ€M…Ή‘•Ν €ΘΐΔά(Τ