SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 59

pin bowling. Four lanes were booked, and the children got into a very competitive mood very soon. Everyone had a brilliant time and it was great to see all the children having so much fun and making new friends, while the adults were able to catch up with each other, and also have a game or two of bowling. We organised a “Samaj Sewa Day” on Saturday 25th March to carry out odd jobs in the Samaj building, and it was great to see so many members give up several hours of their time supporting this. As a team we managed to get the cupboards upstairs tidied up, radiators in the hall fixed, main hall painted, loose tiles in washrooms removed, garden behind tidied up, and electrics for the new heating system installed. In April we organised a “Bollywood 70s Night H[Z\[][Z\H[™܈Y^H\X\R[܈B]X][[[Y[\[8)[]HX\]\HH][\˜H[][]\[ۙHYH\H]\Y]H[[YY]ݙ[H \\YH\ۈXZ[BX[JKܙX][H\ܛX[\›و]\XX\H[ܝ[]Y\ZH][Z]X \\^XKX[Z\[[ݚ[HHHZ\Yݙ\0 [\H\ܝYBY[X\وݙ[H[HH\H[ٝ[ \Z[[H[\][YY\Z[[H[YHܝ[]B]H\ܝY]\[H][[]HY\][ۈ\š[ MˈHY[[ܙYXH]Y\]HHXZ[H[Y[[[X\ٝ[ ][[ܜۙZZ[[ۈ[ZX\\[HYHX\\B[^H L][KHXܙ][[Hو[HH^H]H\و K L[H\\[ [X][ZY[XYH[YX\و[X[[\[[H]][[KX[HY[X\]\YHY \]X[]H\ܛX[\H]H[Z]YH[Y]B\Z[[KZX\\[ۙۈHKY][[[[[Y\Yۂ]\^[[YHX[HوH^K[[[\ܝ[K[B\[Y\[]KY][\Y[[XXH^K\\][ۜX\H[[[[وHXZ٘\ YX][H[X]Y]]H\YX\][YHݙ\HYZ[[][\HXܙ][[\[Hۙ[YK[[\ܝ[H][ۈ[^HHXH[^][Y[ܙX]Y]\\[\[XZ٘\[Y]HYX\\Y]]›[ \ZY X[ۘ][ۜYX\و[X[[ܙHٙ\[ۘ[X[[H[ [YH[H]\X]HܛˈH[[ŠY]Y] K\\][ۈ܈HX\K[Y[X\[YY^Z[H]H]ˈ8'[^[^]x'H[8'[Y'H H[XY[\Z[[H܈H\[YH H[Y][ۈHY][ۘ[\H[[^XHX\ˈH[[[[[܈\X\][[\]]B\YX\]HYZ[ H[[H\H[XXH[[][Y[[&\]]Hܚ\HH[[Y\[][ۜ›ۈ]]K]YH[ݚYHۂHY[و]]KXܘ]YX\H]\YHH[[\ܛZ[H\X\K Z\]H[\ MM