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Music Score and Best Song “Jai Ho” in Slumdog Millionaire - 2008). Television Television in India was started with the experimental telecast from Delhi on 15 September 1959 with a small transmitter and a makeshift studio; however, the regular daily transmission was started in 1965 as a part of All India Radio. The television service was extended to Mumbai and Amritsar in 1972. As of 2016, the country has a collection of over 857 channels. LASTLY BUT NOT THE LEAST ... • Recognizing its universal appeal, the United Nations has proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga • The Mumbai–Ahmedabad construction of the rail corridor for the first bullet train began on 14 September 2017. • India has achieved six times Miss World title (2017 – Manushi Chhillar) and two times Miss Universe title. SOME KEY DIFFICULT EVENTS Wars, Terrorism And Internal Conflicts Amongst continued progress, India has suffered its share of war, border conflicts, terrorism and continues to do so. There are many examples of India is no exception. From the Coringa and Calcutta Cyclones to Indo-Pak Wars, Indo-China War, cross-border Latur and Gujarat Earthquakes, Odisha Super Cyclone, the Indian fighting and terrorist attacks on parliament, hotels Ocean Tsunami, Uttarakhand Flash Foods and Kashmir Floods in and public places. There are many examples of the last 70 years. internal conflicts across religious and caste lines encouraged by vote bank politics. The most important value an independent India can demonstrate is that its population feel safe, secure and not harassed by divisive players. For India to remain truly independent, these security aspects will have to remain at the top of the list of priorities. Disasters CONCLUSION During the 70 years of Independence, India comes across as a strong powerful, developing nation making a mark in numerous areas at global level in spite of losing so many things in its journey and punctured by numerous anti-national elements. In order to fulfil the aspirations of masses, it is the government machinery which needs to be sharpened, making it keen and more dynamic. With India’s vast treasures of Vedic heritage and In spite of the tremendous progress made in innovative and progressive population, there is every reason to be various technological growths, it has been cheerful and celebrate 70 years of India’s Independence with the impossible to surpass the supremacy of Nature. motto “Sab kaa saath, sab kaa vikas”. Nature has always proved much more powerful than the human race. 52 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 Ambalal Balubhai Mistry, Birmingham