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Balubhai himself did spinning work, raising the morale of the people, many sold the cotton thread in Khadi store sutra and songs like “Inklab Zindabad, and used that money to purchase khadi thode din me Gandhi Raj”, “Ek do, clothes. Even during government jobs, kali topi fenk do”... were sung in the most of his attire was of khadi. Half the procession. clothes in his closet are of khadi. To achieve independence was his ‘passion’. In the same year when India got Independence in 1947, 15-year old Premilaben was married to Shri Nathubhai ! JOURNEY OF INDIA FROM 1947 TO 2017 When we enter the 70th year of India’s independence, it is appropriate that we spotlight some of the achievements made by India in spite of a need of improvement in infrastructure, education, economic policies, foreign and defence strategies and other areas. Food Grain production India was mostly importing food grains and depended upon international food aid up to mid-1960s. Today India is self-sufficient in food production and exports various food grains. India is the largest producer of fresh fruits, milk, pulses and oil seeds, sunflower seeds and second largest producers of wheat, rice, sugarcane, potato, tea, cotton, etc in the world. Eradication of epidemics and polio Smt Premilaben Nathubhai Mistry Various epidemics and Polio have been successfully eradicated. Life expectancy Smt Premilaben, at the age of 10, had also experienced the zeal and Shri Nathubhai Naranji Mistry enthusiasm of freedom struggle in her Lakhanpore gaam. The daily activities Many people had different experiences under the leadership of her father during the freedom struggle. If one Shri Vallabhbhai led his name to the has an opportunity to meet a famous government’s attention. Being at the person, it is considered a memorable forefront of the procession, many moment of life. One such experience is a times he was beaten by military that of Shri Nathubhai. police. However, in order to see that people’s enthusiasm and passion were not affected and that they were not discouraged, he bore the beatings grew to 68.89 years, when it was only 32 years at the time of independence. This is one of the major achievements taking into account that India comprises 17% of the world’s population. Indian Armed Forces India is one of the four largest military powers in the world today, and has got Once in his village Vadoli, when Shri one of the most sophisticated missile Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel came to programmes in the world. address the “Bardoli” Satyagraha movement, the belt of his slipper broke First voting after India’s independence due to some stumble. The village chief India is the only nation in the world In those days, there was no telephone immediately sent Shri Nathubhai to a which gave every adult the right to vote or mobile phone to contact the cobbler (Jagakaka) to get the slipper from its first day. In the US, the world’s people in the village. In the silent repaired. Instead of repairing, the second largest democracy, this right atmosphere of the village, appropriate slipper was thrown into a dustbin and was given more than 150 years after “whistle” or “bugle” signals were used a new pair of slippers was given to their independence. which the uneducated people of the Shri Vallabhbhai for which he was very village would understand and quickly happy and thanked the two. without any complaint. acted accordingly. Even today, remembering the occasion The people of the village were that if he had not thrown the two-rupee taught the techniques of Lathi to slipper of that time, but kept it safely defend themselves. The small streets then.....! of the village were cleansed and 50 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 Union of Indian princely states Just after re-birth, the world’s largest merger and acquisition activity took place, when 560 small princely states joined (merged) into the Union of India; neither any blood drop was spilled nor was any bullet fired.