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EDITOR JASU BEN mistry “Time for Celebration - 70 Years of India’s Independence...” Namaste and Jai Shree Krishna SPA (UK) celebrated this milestone Design team using inspiring design with the Independence theme at concepts each year. Arun and Jaimini Living away from India for so long, the Seniors Sneh Milan and Sandesh have been the leading designers whilst it is so easy to forget historical has maintained this theme. We hope Preeya has acted in a consultation role and significant events. In 2017, you will find the theme informative this year due to time commitment on India celebrated its 70th year of and for some, bring back memories. her private business venture. Sandesh Independence. Many of us who came Our Prajapatis also played a role in is now also available online with from Africa saw how jubilant the local India’s Independence and we take this courtesy of Arun. population was when the African opportunity to capture examples. Shri Ambalal Mistry has produced an countries became independent. Whilst we live in the UK, we should rekindle In this year’s Sandesh.. informative Theme article after much our memories and celebrate India’s Our thanks to the members who research, whilst Nimisha has proof progress since its independence on submitted interesting articles; what checked all the articles which adds 15th August 1947. a fantastic achievement of “The to the high-quality. Dineshbhai is at Dream Team - 5 Mistrys’ who Climbed the centre of the whole process from Kilimanjaro”, Vinay’s take on India’s requesting printing quotes to managing Independence, life history of Rambhai, the final design to print and delivery. 100th Birthday congratulations, 50th Our applause to the whole team. ‘‘.....What a fantastic achievement by “The Dream Team - 5 Mistrys’ who Climbed Kilimanjaro.....’’ Wedding Anniversary congratulations, and of course, graduations, sports, It is the collective effort of all the above Gujarati poem and shradhdhanjalis. volunteers that helps SPA (UK) to Please do take a few minutes each day present a very attractive, highly stylish to read these articles until you have Sandesh publication each year for gone through the whole Sandesh. our members in the UK and overseas. My sincere appreciation also to the Graphics Design advertisers and all the contributors. The Sandesh publication has maintained a very high standard thanks Jasuben Mistry to the professionalism of our Graphics Editor, SPA (UK), 2017/2018 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 3