SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 36

Niranjanbhai and Taraben Sharma Congratulations on 80th Birthday and 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary... Niranjanbhai G Sharma - known to all as Sharmaji, celebrated his 80th Birthday and 50th Wedding Anniversary to Taramati Sharma in October 2017. Niranjanbhai was born in late 1937 in the village of Kadod in Surat District, Gujarat, where he also completed his primary and secondary school education. He gained a BSc degree from Garda College, Navsari in 1959 after which he took up teaching at a High School before arriving in the UK in 1962 for further education. Niranjanbhai gained a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering from Salford University, after which he settled down in Ashton-under-Lyne. Niranjanbhai worked with the local community in Ashton-Under-Lyne and also started a school teaching Maths and English at first, and then weekly Gujarati classes. Children from three locations were driven by bus to the centre in Ashton-Under- Lyne. Many community children were given assistance with their education. Niranjanbhai become well known for local community Sewa. Niranjanbhai worked with the local community to form a local Prajapati Samaj and played an important role to form SPA (UK). The first meeting of the 13 towns Prajapatis was called in Ashton-Under-Lyne where he was given the responsi &ƗG2vVW&6V7&WF'bFRBֆ26֗GFVRFBv26WGWFF&WBFRvf'v&BFW7F&Ɨ6r&F6v6FV&V6R5TsRgFW"F&VRBbV'2bVvvVVBVFF"BB&PvFF&FFW'&VBcrBv2&V6VFǒ26V7&WF'`'&vVB'&vR'vb6֗GFrFR6V'26֗GFVRg&ЧF'''6VVrV6FW.( 2F2#BF#bv2FR66RF6RF2FWfRGvFVvFW'2BffRw&B6G&VFFFRFV"6WfVVBB6G&'WFvFW"6VG&R6WFrF&P&VBc&&26WfW&VB5T26V7&WF'g&sB2&W6FV@RF&F26W'fVB26fV"B26FW63@fC"&F6FW6#p7F&W"#p&&6VV'&FVB2F&'FFBSFvVFFrfW'6'6w&GVF2@vB&W72FVЦ&FvFvBVFg&5T