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“...the committee decided to undertake an early feasibility study to gauge the parameters of student funding in England...” Data request that Dineshbhai from Coventry has volunteered to take Navsari Ashram requested student application data. over the position. However, given that we have a number The committee were of the view that under the UK data of initiatives nearing its end, the committee agreed that protection act, SPAITF are not permitted to share such Dineshbhai and I will work together over the next year to (a) information. ensure that the IT project is completed (b) that UK student education is given due consideration and (c) support the Feasibility study – UK student grant It has come to the attention of SPAITF that there were transfer of Nairobi funds. a number of requests to find ways to support our Finally home-grown students, but as we have limited funds, It would be impossible for any Secretary to do their job the committee decided to undertake an early feasibility without the support of the committee members. It has study to gauge the parameters of student funding in been a pleasure and a delight to work with so many England with a view to consider if a programme could be articulate individuals, who make sure that the committee introduced that would be sustainable within the funding makes the right decisions. I would also like to take this available to SPAITF. opportunity to thank our Prajapati Mandal’s in Gujarat, especially Navsari Ashram for their support to students and Fund raising We mentioned previously about fund raising, however it has proved difficult due to other pressures on committee members to take on extra responsibilities. But we are confident that over the next 18 months there will be developments in this area. being engaged in this process. It would be remiss of me if I do not mention and recognise the contribution of all our Branch Associations who raised funds for major projects and host ITF meetings. My sincere appreciation to you all and my special thanks to Hansaben (from Bolton), Chair of SPAITF who has grown in the job and makes sure that the committee business runs smoothly. Jai Shree Krishna. Apointment of new Secretary After three years as Secretary I think it is time for me to step down and allow fresh blood and thinking to take over Hemantbhai R Mistry the function of the SPAITF Secretary and I am delighted Secretary - on behalf of the SPAITF Committee kpd¡ hpmp¡ kyMu lp¡e sp¡ Apd„ÓZ hNf Åhy„ “l] A“¡ vy$:Mu lp¡e sp¡ r“d„ÓZ“u hpV$ Å¡hu “l] gu. kyrdÓpb¡“ A¡“. rd”u, brd¯Nlpd 22 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017