SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 22

ITF Hemantbhai mistry “This report includes a spotlight on MOU between SPAITF & SPEF of Canada...” Namaste to all our members Foundation (SPEF) of Canada, and readers an issue which we have been Introduction focusing on to resolve. This report is an important part Overall, there has been real and of Shree Prajapati Association sustained progress this year. More (UK) as it is based on the number than half of the committee time of education grants given during was spent on trying to resolve the year and major charities student application information supported as part of our charity issues and focusing on how we commitment. The information can make the education grant below is not only to celebrate the process clearer and simple. progress made by Shree Prajapati 20 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 Association International Trust Yet there are still a number of Fund (SPAITF) and to share the important challenges for the good work we do, but it also SPAITF to overcome in the near identifies areas where more work future. Of central concern is needs to be done and those ensuring on-going commitment areas where the SPAITF can to try and find ways to recruit focus its support. This year the younger members of our report includes a spotlight on community to volunteer to Memorandum of Understanding join SPAITF in a period when (MOU) between SPAITF and we are seeing across all Hindu Shree Prajapati Education community organisations a