SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 20

Guest Speakers and stage items presented at the packed 5th Seniors Sneh Milan on Sunday 11th June 2017 at Radha Swami Rasila Satsang Centre, Birmingham the Presidents and Prime Ministers of India to date, view The day ended with the geet Vijayi Vishwa Triranga Pyara scientific progress of India, and to hear some light- ....., Jay Gosh and prarthana. hearted jokes. In conclusion, my prayers are to the Almighty to bless and The Seniors Committee expresses grateful thanks to guide SPA (UK) in achieving the goals set in the service all the donors who generously donated large or small of the Prajapati community with the co-operation and amounts, as well as to those who donated towards raffle support of all. prizes, food and prasad, and all those who assisted in Ambalal Balubhai Mistry making the event a success. Secretary, SPA (UK) Seniors Committee îu âÅ‘rs kdpS> (ey.L¡$.) rkr“ef krdrs“p¡ l¡hpg sp. 5 du S|>“ 2016 “p fp¡S> ep¡Åe¡g hqfóW$ õ“¡l k„d¡g“dp„ rkr“ef krdrs“p c|sL$pm“p kæep¡“u “hp Ql¡fp“u dp„NZu“¡ gB L¡$V$guL$ rhQpfZp ‘R>u “uQ¡ dyS>b“p„ kæep¡ Q|„V$pep lsp: AÝen îu X$püpcpB rd”u (g¡õV$f), d„Óuîu A„bpgpg rd”u (brd¯Nlpd), A“¡ L$rdV$u“p kæep¡ îu bmh„scpB rd”u (BõV$ g„X$“), îu fdZcpB rd”u (BõV$ g„X$“), f¡hpb¡“ rd”u (fÁbu) A“¡ îudsu spfpdsu idp® (V¡$dkpBX$). brd¯Nlpd ipMpA¡ lp¡g A“¡ ’ud dyS>b õV¡$S>“¡ A“¡ îu ^ufS>cpB ipl¡ 70 hjp£dp„ cpfs“p¡ rhL$pk kyip¡rcs L$fu, v$f¡L$“¡ Q„v$““p¡ Qp„v$g