SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 17

brain has signs of anxiety, stress, high health’! He explained the effect of topic “HEALTHY BRAIN HEALTHY BP, high cholesterol etc. He explained ‘environment’ on mind and health, LIFESTYLE”. the causes due to infection, cancer, e.g. houseplants, community, work, alcohol, aging and taking too many seasons and family factors. He looked Following the Mahila election, the medications, etc. One should drink at emotion, the way we function, how new team was announced. Our plenty of water and stay hydrated a human body is constructed, and congratulations and welcome to the for the brain to stay active. His main talked about Reiki healing: ‘remember new Mahila Team. message was to ‘change your brain, who you are, you are pure spirit’! change your lifestyle’! Acceptance is having faith despite the circumstances that all is well! Dr Garuth Chalfont from Lancaster Finally, on behalf of the outgoing Mahila team, I would like to say a Big ‘THANKS’ to ALL the branches University, a researcher and a Then both Bharatbhai, Vice-President for their support and contribution Therapeutic Landscape Gardener (on behalf of Jitubhai) and Hansaben, to make the 37th Mahila Samelan a for hospitals and care homes, Secretary addressed the audience success. We could not have done this explained the benefits of Nutrition, and presented 2 cheques for charity: without your support. Physical Activity, Socialising, Mental £2,500 from London branch for Sewa Stimulation, Sleep, Mind, Body and Muni and Kasturba Ashram, and Emotions. The message was that we £1,500 from Leicester branch for the all need fresh air and exercise so get 37th Mahila Samelan. outside and enjoy nature as all this WELL DONE & THANK YOU EVERYONE! Wishing you all the very best for the New Year. helps to improve our mental health The afternoon event started with and improve our immune system. a colourful Garbo from Leicester Pushpaben P Lad branch, and then the theme topic Mahila Convenor 2015/2017 Manubhai Mistry, a qualified continued with a comedy drama from Pharmacist and retrained as a holistic Tameside branch with a catch phrase practitioner, presented the benefits of ‘I love my knees’. It was about an Acknowledgement from New Mahila Committee holistic and complimentary medicine, elderly lady who tool part in exercise Namaste and Jai Shree Krishna. highlighting that prevention is better and social events and it involved the We thank our former Mahila team than cure. He also talked about home audience, who enjoyed it thoroughly. Dakshaben and Pushpaben for the handover. We aim to support all branch remedies such as turmeric, honey etc The speakers and presentations Mahilas and the Samaj to the best of were supported by translations. Well our ability. We ask for nothing other Khushalbhai Kumar from Preston, done Champaben and her team than for your support and attendance discussed Holistic Living; ‘You for a wonderfully entertaining play in upcoming events and meetings. yourself are responsible for your and an excellent delivery on the to fight inflammation. We organised the Family Fun Day for which we have provided a brief Mahila Committee for 2017 - 2019 report. The Mahila Samelan was Mahila Convenor Mahila Secretary Assistant Assistant organised by the former Mahila team - - - - Nayanaben N Mistry (Leicester) Nehaben U Mistry (Leicester) Padmaben B Mistry (Leicester) Hasmitaben R Prajapati (Leicester) for which our thanks to Pushpaben for the Mahila Samelan Report. Family ո)Q́啅ȁѡո݅́)ɹ)ձ܁ЁɅ卽є]ѕȸ)%Ё݅́ѥհչ䁑ݥѠ̰)̰镉́ɥ́)ѡɬI՝䁉Ʌ)ɝ͕QЁ䁕)ȁЁ́єѡٕ)ݡɽٕЁ݅́Ս̸) Ё]́͡ɽ9兹)9A)!͵х9܁5Q(ܴ)ٽȁAɅѤM͠(