SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 105

Do you want to feature in the Sandesh next year? If so, here is how... 1. Reserve your page For Adverts, Congratulations, Shradhdhanjalis, booking is confirmed ONLY upon receipt of a Non-Refundable deposit of £50 or full payment. Full balance to be settled by the Closing Date. Full Page 1/2 Page A4 page 210 x 297mm Half Page 210 x 148mm £300 - Adverts £175 - Adverts £250 - Weddings, Graduations, Shradhdhanjalis 1/4 Page (Single Photo Only. For two/twin photos, add £25) Q X\\YBL H ML  BY\[][\\H[\[\˜YܙYY[[˂[XY\”[[\[\[XۚX[B\[]X[]H܈Q˂HX[Y[[[Y[XY\HY]X[]H B܈Y\H]Y[H^[][ۂ[[XY\H[\˜]XY[[[XYYۈܙ܈[XZ[K۝X]Z[”X\H[۝[B[\Y]܎ˈ۝[TPSRTBH[[Y\\H܂\[\\[XZY\Y\ۙܘ][][ۈY\Y\\X][Y[Y\Y\˜[X[H\۝[و[\\[\[XX˂H\H[]YX\ˈMH[]]K[[ܙKZY\^M [XZ[\[X]KZ\Pܛ B[ L M ^[Y[^[Y[[HXYHXNK\]YNXYH^XXH8&H Rx&B܂[[ٙ\X\H۝XBY]܈܈X[[Y\[B[X\]Z[“NH[]H܈[][\\ ]Y\ NYXZ]YY\\][HXXYH]Z[X[H HH۝X[HY]܊B Z\]H[\ MŒL