SPA UK Sandesh 2017 - Page 10

Birmingham branch and held the 2018. Funds collected will be split If this group have time let us encourage 5th Sneh Milan on 11th June 2017 in 50/50 between the two charities. them with activities that benefit Birmingham. They chose ‘70 years of personal health and wellbeing. In this India’s Independence’ and what an For the £20,000 that was collected way the Samaj would act as a focal uplifting event this was! With patriotic for Nepal Earthquake in the previous point for the community and where songs, dance, play, excellent speakers year, Jitubhai our former president has individuals gain personal sense of and a fun packed programme. As been working with Sewa International wellbeing. Remember Samaj is your advertised, many guests arrived with a view to supporting a building community so come forward, volunteer wearing the Indian Flag tri-colour project. However, Sewa International and excel yourselves whilst providing outfits making the event so beautifully are experiencing difficulties with wider benefits to the many. colourful and vibrant. My sincere the Nepalese government obtaining appreciation for this memorable permission to work in the area. We will Finally, I would like to say a big thanks event to Birmingham branch, all the provide an update on the final outcome to all the trustees, sub committees, volunteers and the Seniors committee as we make progress. We thank all Pratinidhis and the branch members members Dahyabhai, Ambalal, members for your generosity and hope for their support and to Ranjanaben, Balvantrai, Ramanbhai, Revaben and for your continued support each year. Dhirubhai, and Shashi my husband, who Taramati Sharma. General Update: has supported me throughout my time as a Secretary. Other organisations In the past year, there have been We have continued to maintain 3 Trustees/Pratinidhi meetings I welcome Balubhai Lad as the new dialogues with other Hindu and (included an AGM), as well as many sub Secretary and giving me the much- Prajapati organisations overseas such committee meetings. This is in addition needed break. I am confident he will as Navsari, Billimora, Canada, PASC to the many phone conversations and bring fresh ideas and experience to (California), Daxin Gujarat Prajapati e-mail correspondence with branches take the Samaj forward and request everyone to support Balubhai. Health Trust and Hinduforum of Britain and amongst the sub groups and to name but a few. elected officers. Charity Fund Raising The Way Forward: Association. I have gained so much For the years 2016-18 two proposals Like many organisations, encouraging experience working with our founder for a charity nomination were tabled participation amongst the current Vadilos, presidents/secretaries to the Pratinidhis. It was felt that both generation continues to be a challenge from all fourteen branches and of charities were deserving causes. As a at both HQ and branch level. With course, trustees from our overseas result, Muni Seva Trust in Navsari and so much going on nowadays such as organisations as well as other wider Kasturba Ashram in Maroli Bazaar will career, fast changing lifestyle, bringing community groups. be supported by SPA (UK). The fund up a family; it is a challenge. However, raising for these charities will continue one should not lose language, culture Jai Shree Krishna until December 2017 and final accounts or one’s roots. I request we focus on Hansaben S Mistry will be completed by end of March the middle age group whose children Secretary, SPA (UK) 2016/2017 It has been my pleasure serving the may have grown up or settled down. d„Óuîu“p¡ l¡hpg V²$õV$u d„X$m“p kæep¡, kdpS>“p AÞe L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ s¡dS> kh® oprsS>“p¡“¡ dpfp S>eîu L©$óZ Ap hj®“p d„Óu sfuL¡$ k¡hp Ap‘hp“u sL$ Ap‘hp bv$g Ap‘ kh£“p¡ Apcpf. dÝe k„õ’p“u AÞe L$pe®hplL$ L$rdV$u“p k„v$¡idp„ Ap‘¡gp l¡hpgp¡ sfa’u Ap‘“¡ ¿epg Aphi¡ L¡$ kdpS>“u iy„ iy„ âh©rÑAp¡ R>¡ A“¡ L¡$hu fus¡ Qpgsu R>¡. Ap v$f¡L$ L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡“¡ dpfp lpqv$®L$ Apcpf. Ap‘ oprsS>“p¡A¡ Ap‘¡g dv$v$“p¡ ‘Z ¿epg Aphi¡, sp¡ Ap‘ kh£“p¡ ‘Z Apcpf. L$p¡B ‘Z k„õ’p, kdpS> d„X$m L¡$ hN®“u âNrÑ“p¡ Ap^pf v$f¡L$ ìe[¼s“u k¡hp Ap^pqfs R>¡. âÅ‘rs kdpS>“p L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡“u A¡S> k¡hpcph“p L¡$ Ap‘Zp¡ kdpS> âNrs“p ‘„’¡ v$p¡l d|L$u buÆ k„õ’pAp¡“u bfp¡bfdp„ Aph¡. dpfu A¡S> “„d° rh“„su R>¡ LL¡$ Ap‘Z cZ¡gp R>p¡, L$pb¡rgbs hpmp R>p¡ sp¡ kp dpV¡$ kdpS> k¡hpdp„ e’p i[¼s 8 vol. 42 | Prajapati Sandesh 2017 âdpZ¡ Ap‘p¡? A¡ “ ‘|R>sp kdpS> dpf¡ dpV¡$ iy„ L$f¡ R>¡? A¡ L$lp¡ L¡$ lº„ kdpS> dpV¡$ iy„ L$fu iLy„$? kdpS> A¡ Ap‘ kh®’u b“¡gp¡ R>¡, kh£“p gpcp’£. dpfu Ap‘ kh£“¡ A¡S> “d° rh“„su. Qpgp¡ kp’¡ dmu“¡ kdpS>“¡ âNrs“p ‘„’¡ gB S>BA¡. ApMf¡ kh£ k¡hpcphu L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ A“¡ oprsS>“p¡“¡ Ap‘“u kp’ klL$pf dpV¡$ lpN®L$ Apcpf. îu d„Óuîu bpgycpB gpX$, S>¡.‘u. îu âÅ‘rs kdpS> (ey.L¡$.)