Spa Life E-Magazine Issue 2 Vol. 15 Summer Gourmet 2015 - Page 8

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Spa Etiquette: Tips to enhance your next spa experience

Here are some ideas to help you get the most our of your next spa visit.

Check in and little arrive early.

Most spas like you to check in 15 - 30 minutes before your appointment. This will save time in the change room and get you out to the waiting area. Give yourself plenty of extra time in case you get to use free facilities like a hot tub, sauna or lounge. Remember prior planning helps relieve stress.

Book your spa appointment during off-peak times.

You’ll avoid the crowds and save money if you book your spa visit early in the week, or sometimes take advantage of last minute specials. Sign up for lots of spa newsletters, where spa specials are advertised!

Pack your cosmetic and toiletry bag.

The number one pet peeve of mine is spas that don’t have enough amenities available for guests like deodorant, hair products, lotion and hygiene products. Bring your own – then you won’t be stuck and feel uncomfortable on your way home.