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Welcome to our Gourmet Issue. As you know, as individuals we have our own particular taste and preferences. That is also true when it comes to spas. There really are two kinds of spas; ones that are progressive ¬– like Medi-Spas that do injectable laser treatments and offer state-of-the-art, almost immediate results. The other kind are natural hands-on healing spas that are focused on human touch treatments such as massage, facials, body treatments, and Reiki, therapies. Both are wonderful; it just depends on what you are looking for. Some spas combine both. I always say make sure you get what you want when going to a spa – ask questions and do your homework.

I recently had a spa experience with a European trained aesthetician that is also a massage therapist. A friend referred me and said, “She gives the best facial you could ever imagine.” So that leaves it open but to me that meant luxurious, relaxing and renewing. When I got there it was a lovely spa; crystal clean and lots of certificates on the wall. I had ordered the anti-aging facial. It turned out to be the most thorough facial I ever had in my life and included extractions that felt like they were coming from my toes. It felt the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld was giving me the facial – except I didn’t get any soup. The two-hour treatment removed every bit of dirt from my pores that had accumulated in the last 50 years I am sure. I think you are getting the picture. So rather than a relaxing experience it was really quite the opposite.

But in defense my skin improved and honestly this girl can handle this once or twice a year!


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