Spa Life E-Magazine Issue 2 Vol. 15 Summer Gourmet 2015 - Page 19

idland ' s Bamboo Spa owner, Kathy Kowalsky spills the dish on her decision to operate a go-green spa.

Who is Kathy Kowalsky?

Kathy was the very first Registered Massage Therapist in Midland in 1990, and she has never left the wellness business. In 2010, she opened her doors to Bamboo Spa.

A self-proclaimed hippie hedonist, Kathy loves all things natural and organic. She indulges in the touch of the senses, she enjoys finer things in life, good food, wine and friends.

A natural aromatherapist, Kathy creates many of her own products used in the spa services offered at Bamboo Spa.

What is Bamboo Spa?

Bamboo Spa is Midland ' s only eco-chic spa. All products are natural, organic and ecofriendly, Kathy ensures the quality of

her go-green products.

If it doesn't meet her

standards, she will

create it herself.

Kathy was into natural

and organic before

being natural and

organic was cool. She

always held strong to

her belief of not using

any chemicals or

carcinogens in any aspect of her life.

So when she opened Bamboo Spa's doors, going green was a no-brainer.

A good decision it was, as Bamboo Spa is a thriving success and fast approaching it's fifth anniversary. In 2011, Bamboo Spa won the Largest Growth in Business for all of Ontario. It had a growth of 369%.

Many other awards have proudly been given, including the Certified Green Spa from Eminence and in 2013, Kathy Kowalsky was awarded the Top Female Entrepreneur of the year.

What's next for Kathy?

With the success of Bamboo Spa, Kathy has been able to pursue her love of creating and making luxurious skin care products.

In 2014, Kathy launched and opened Evocative Essentials, a vintage apothecary for the modern woman, featuring her bath balms, creamed deodorants, body butters, scrubs and washes, and more.

Is her boutique green and eco-friendly?

Of course. Did we even need to ask?

Why is Midland, Ontario so


By Lisa MacKay