Spa Life E-Magazine Issue 2 Vol. 15 Summer Gourmet 2015 - Page 10

veryone wants a solid clientele right away, but sometimes it can take years to achieve. With so many spas and salons

for clients to choose from it can be difficult to get clients to be loyal to you. This is why I've written my E-book. With years of knowledge of the spa business I wanted to help other professionals understand these vital tips to get the clientele they want in a shorter amount of time.

 Confidence and Skill.

 Confidence is key. Always have confidence in yourself because confidence shows to the client. Even if you are not sure of something you've got to "fake it to make it" - meaning, just pretend you do know what your doing and you've done it a thousand times. If your client suspects you are unsure of what you are doing, they will be unsure about coming back to you. So be confident in your training and don't second-guess yourself. This is where your skills come into play. If you think you are lacking in skills then you will be lacking in your services. You must tell yourself you are the best and affirm to yourself that you give amazing services. Your thoughts do play a big part in your ability to achieve good clients. It is however, very important that you do keep up with learning new techniques and growing your skills so that you always have new things to offer your clients, such as new services or just a new and improved massage.