Southern Ulster Times Oct. 11 2017

T IMES SOUTHERN ULSTER Vol. 14, No 41 3 OCTOBER 11 - 17 , 2017 Bounty Fest Page 28 3 ONE DOLLAR Powder Puff football Page 40 SERVING HIGHLAND, MARLBOROUGH AND PLATTEKILL Clerical error hits Marlboro in the pocketbook By MARK REYNOLDS A “clerical error” made by the Town of Newburgh Assessor is going to cost the Marlboro School district Grant boosts Highland Landing Park dearly in the 2017-18 school year; $1,180,945 to be exact. Last week the Orange County Real Property Tax Service Agency and the Town of Newburgh’s Assessor’s Office informed the Marlboro School District that in September they made a $15 million “clerical error” in calculating this year’s assessment for the Roseton Power Plant. Marlboro relies on the Assessor’s office for accuracy when compiling their school budget and tax bills. The Roseton plant is under a federal court-ordered Continued on page 3 Eagle Scout installs new sign in Plattekill F lying L eap By MARK REYNOLDS Recently the Town of Lloyd and the Highland Landing Park Association thanked NYS Assemblyman Frank Skartados for his assistance in securing $375,000 that will be used to bring water and sewer infrastructure down to the Highland Landing Park. At a gathering under a new park pavilion, Skartados said he appreciates the efforts of everyone that has bought the park from a former oil depot to a wonderful recreational park for the residents of the town. “I want to thank everyone of you for your commitment, your tenacity and participation and all these volunteers, businesses, contractors, laborers and the Highland Landing Park Association for all the work that you’ve done to get us to this point. I am so glad to see progress really being made right here,” he said. “I think this is a very unique public asset that has played a major role in the past history of this community, for example, in supplying food and materials to New York City.” Continued on page 2 By MARK REYNOLDS Joe Tompkins Senior Gabby Falzarine and the Marlboro Varsity Cheer squad practice their halftime routine, Friday, prior to Marlboro’s homecoming game. WWW.SOUTHERNULSTERTIMES.COM Lucas Smith recently placed a new sign at the Plattekill Town Park, completing his final requirement to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. Smith said he initially met with Highway Superintendent Bobby Wager “and we walked around the park and we saw that this [old sign] needed replacement.” Smith worked with a sign person to develop the style and font style. “The whole idea was to get the public’s attention to know where the park was, especially for visiting sports teams,” Smith said. Since he was a young boy Smith loved scouting, especially camping “and I love to help out my community.” He started out as a Tiger, scouting’s first level and has now reached the highest rank of Eagle Scout for Troop 79 Plattekill. Smith said he will miss scouting after he graduates high school next June. Continued on page 2