Southern Ulster Times Mar. 07 2018

T IMES SOUTHERN ULSTER Vol. 15, No. 10 3 MARCH 7 - 13, In the wake of the recent school shootings in Parkland, Florida, the Marlboro School district has been discussing their safety and security measures that are in place in the district. Superintendent Michael Brooks said the past few weeks have been particularly difficult for everyone in education “because we are seeing images on the 3 ONE DOLLAR Luncheon for seniors Lady Huskies claim title Page 25 Page 36 SERVING HIGHLAND, MARLBOROUGH AND PLATTEKILL Marlboro deals with school safety By MARK REYNOLDS 2018 screen that we shouldn’t be seeing in schools. I have spent an awful lot of time thinking and commiserating when I see those images.” He said recent events have forced discussions that “should not be Continued on page 3 S ection 9 C hamps District dropping in value Marlboro 2018-19 budget still in development By MARK REYNOLDS In the next six weeks the Marlboro School budget for the 2018-19 school year will undergo numerous revisions before final numbers are approved and inserted into a document that will go before the voters on May 15. During last week’s budget presentation, Patrick Witherow, Director of Business and Finance, stressed that with “every presentation the numbers should get tighter and tighter; so the numbers here are not set in stone but it is where we are as of today. I expect there will be some changes [but] nothing significant and we will be fine tuning [it] up until the day of final adoption.” Witherow said last week the district submitted their tax cap levy calculations to the state Comptroller’s office. “This year for the first time in four years, we see the ability to have growth in our levy,” he said. “[In] the last three years we’ve seen a reduction in the levy every single year based on increased building aide”- resulting in a $830,235 increase in the levy from last year. For the 2017-18 school year the tax cap levy equaled $33,948,733 and for the 2018-19 Bond Brungard Jaiden Allen and John Perugino celebrate Marlboro’s Section 9 Class B title, last weekend at SUNY Orange. Story on page 34. WWW.SOUTHERNULSTERTIMES.COM Continued on page 2