Southern Spirit September 30, 2014 - Page 8

September 30, 2014 6 Tuscaloosa, Ala., eyes new shelter facility Ground was broken recently for The Salvation Army’s new shelter in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The former shelter at that location was destroyed in an April 2011 tornado. Plans for the shelter call for it to have 73 beds as well as a safe room where the community can take shelter during severe weather. Major Pam Moretz said the shelter is being planned in a way that will facilitate future growth as it is needed and that the new facility will be equipped with specific areas for families, singles and even an area dedicated specifically to veterans. A recent study commissioned by The Salvation Army revealed around 400 people in the Tuscaloosa area without homes. The Tuscaloosa Salvation Army’s goal is to have the new shelter open by August 2015. promotedtoglory Major Evans Colbert Graduates of the Keitt Institute leadership intensive, helping women who are or have taken part in the programs offered by Haven ATL, smile with certificates in hand. Keitt Institute partners with Haven ATL to lend helping hand to women By Brooke Turbyfill Southern Spirit staff Local talk show host, national speaker and certified life coach Jennifer Keitt and her daughter Morgan Keitt, chief operating officer of the Keitt Institute, recently partnered with Haven ATL to help women who were participating in its programs. Hilary DeJarnett, anti-trafficking case manager in Atlanta, gave direction on which women should participate in a seven-week leadership intensive this summer. Jennifer Keitt, who has spoken at several divisional events throughout the Southern Territory, said this summer’s training was very in-depth and covered spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. “It was a wonderful opportunity to partner with Haven ATL. We developed an original 200-plus page life manual – it’s a leadership intensive, but it’s a life leadership manual; it’s comprehensive,” said Keitt. Every Friday for three hours, Jennifer and Morgan taught from the manual, covering topics such as how to establish boundaries, spiritual gifts, God’s design, personality profile, finances, beauty, health, fashion, relationships and conflict resolution. Jennifer said that seeing the women restored emotionally was incredible. “Most of these women were abused and had traumatic sexual experiences, and that segment in particular was absolutely phenomenal to watch them digest their design as women – seeing their restoration was life-changing,” she said. Women in the program – seven of whom graduated at the end of the seven weeks – also learned about developing a life mission and purpose and how to maintain the changes they’d been making in their lives. Cathy Blash, a Haven ATL program Mother and daughter team (L-R) Jennifer and Morgan Keitt participant, graduated from the leadership intensive. She said it empowered her to stop making excuses, let go of things that she doesn’t have control over and be humble. “I have realized that I am a leader even though I doubted myself. As I become a leader and help others, I am also helping myself,” she said. “I finally realized that I can believe in myself and use my gifts in a positive way.” DeJarnett said the curriculum enabled the women to envision strong futures. “I think it was powerful for the women to graduate and get their certificate. They each shared about their strengths, gifts and goals and were recognized for all that they accomplished – they showed up ready to work and engage in the different topics each week. This gave them each more confidence and direction in where they want to be headed in their own lives.” “We definitely want to continue this partnership with Jennifer and Morgan. We were so grateful for their support of our program. They created an amazing curriculum that was engaging to the women and girls; they provided encouragement and challenged the ladies to look at how they can grow emotionally, relationally, financially, occupationally and sexually.” Major Evans Colbert was promoted to Glory Aug. 31, 2014. The funeral service was held at the Charlotte, N.C., Temple Corps with Major Tim Carter preaching the message. Following the service, the committal was held at Charlotte’s Sharon Memorial Park. Born on June 14, 1923, in Huxford, Ala., as the sixth of seven children of Mack and Addie Colbert, “Chief” loved to tell people he was born in L.A. -“Lower Alabama.” He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in September 1943 and proudly served during World War II in the Pacific on the U.S.S. Merrimack. Evans thought he would make a career in the Navy but God had other plans for his life. He often recounted the moment he found a quiet place on the ship, knelt alone and accepted God’s call to serve him in the ministry of The Salvation Army. Evans was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in June 1948, a member of the King’s Messengers session. He retired in June 1988 and continued to work for The Salvation Army, retiring a second time the day after his 85th birthday. Evans met Catherine Juanita Smith, a pretty, brown-eyed, cornet-playing Salvation Army captain when he was 18-years old and married her on his 23rd birthday in 1946. They served together in 10 states and 16 appointments. Catherine was promoted to Glory Ap ɥ